Peel-off QR codes on shopping bags offer coupons to L.A. supermarket customers

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Superior Grocers is now offering a unique new way for shoppers to be able to save money.

A supermarket in Los Angeles called Superior Grocers has now launched a new promotion based on QR codes, which provides shoppers with peel-off barcodes that, when scanned, provide them with digital offers.

These quick response codes are continually updated to make sure customers will always have fresh deals.

Therefore, while the QR codes, themselves, may stay the same, when they are scanned by customers, the deals and commercials they see will provide them with the latest weekly opportunities to save. Some of the commercials are even available in 3D, for an enhanced shopping experience. The bags first launched at the beginning of the year, as a trial that ran at 12 of its total of 45 locations throughout the city. The bags are made from recycled polyethylene plastics and are sold to customers for 10 cents apiece.

The QR codes on these bags make them far more valuable than the average recycled plastic shopping bag.

qr codes shoppingWhen the peel-off coupons are used, the QRcodes can still be scanned to provide different weekly coupons, depending on the promotions that are running at the time by the supermarket chain. The customer also has the choice to download additional commercials from other advertisers or vendors, in order to be able to learn about additional savings opportunities aside from those that are specific to Superior Grocers.

Right before the Super Bowl, Superior Grocers added the bags with the quick response codes at eight more of its locations. They brought the customers fun promotions featuring Pepsi/Frito-Lay and the National Football League. According to the vice president of sales and marketing for the company, Brad Maehara, “and those bags sold in impressive amounts.”

Maehara also pointed out that the QR codes bag sales experience sales increases “depending on the image and offer on them.” He also added that customers have been redeeming the coupons that they obtain, which means that they aren’t just a flash-in-the-pan gimmick, but could be an advertising tool for brands and a savings opportunity for customers, which will be mutually beneficial.

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  1. Christoph

    Interesting way to combine high-technology with sustainable products. QR codes seem to have a bad reputation, because people with they don´t have information that is relevant for them. I think that´s the struggel such services have to overcome in order to be relevant on the market. Early QR codes weren´t designd around the content but much more around the technology itself. This is where a rethinking has to happen.

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