The Pebble Steel smartwatch finally receives fashion approval

Pebble Steel Smartwatch mobile payments

As other brands devise wearable technology that looks somewhat odd, this one has managed to be stylish.

There is no doubt that wearable technology is taking off and that the smartwatch is driving that trend, but until now, the main concern has been that these mobile devices are not all that stylish or visually appealing to wear.

The Pebble Steel, however, has managed to become the first one that actually looks good with a suit.

The design of the Steel smartwatch from Pebble was created specifically with style and fashion in mind, in addition to the utility enhancements that were made over the previous generations of the wearable technology. While it still has yet to be the most attractive watch on the market, it is easily being accepted as the most appealing among the devices within its own category.

This may demonstrate that the smartwatch could survive the risk that fashion could stop it in its tracks.

Pebble Steel SmartwatchThese gadgets first started to gain their initial level of steam just over a year ago. However, wearing one didn’t exactly allow the consumer to blend in with people who wear traditional wristwatches. Instead, they stood out like a sore thumb and were more acceptable to individuals who didn’t mind wearable technology that drew notice. That being the case, it wasn’t likely that these devices would be seen in a business meeting that didn’t allow for more “unique” styling.

As these devices require larger screens than the typical wristwatch, they fit in with neither sports watches nor those created more for classic elegance. While the Pebble Steel still certainly wouldn’t be fully accepted into either of those categories, it has certainly taken more steps in that direction than any other similar product on the market.

The Pebble Steel is the second generation of the smartwatch, which had its debut last year. Now, with less than a month under its belt, this new wearable technology is receiving the nod by a far greater number of consumers that had previously hesitated to give the device serious consideration simply because of its appearance, particularly with the choice of a leather band or steel bracelet available as an alternative to the rubber strap of the original gadget.

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