PayPal envisions a bright future for mobile commerce

Paypal mobile payments
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PayPal continues to make strides in the mobile sector

It is no secret that PayPal has a strong interest in mobile commerce. The company has been working to establish a dominating presence in the mobile space for several years and has managed to do so in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company has faced many challenges in its work to embrace mobile commerce, but it has managed to overcome strong competition and help make the mobile space more dynamic and accessible to consumers and merchants alike.

PayPal expects e-commerce to become mobile-centric in the coming years

David Marcus, President of PayPal, believes that the entirety of e-commerce will become mobile-centric in the near future. One year ago, Marcus predicted that this would become a reality in major cities throughout the world within the next five years. Marcus still holds faith in this prediction, but is now suggesting that the mobilization of e-commerce will occur much sooner. This is due to the rapid rate at which mobile technology is advancing and the strong adoption that mobile commerce has seen over the past year.


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Advances in mobile technology make it easier for consumers and merchants to engage with one another

Paypal mobile commercePayPal itself has managed to accelerate the mobilization of e-commerce through its development of platforms that make mobile commerce more convenient and effective for consumers and merchants alike. PayPal was the first organization to support mobile payments through the Apple Safari platform, allowing iPhone users to participate in mobile commerce despite the fact that their mobile devices were not equipped with NFC technology.

Large companies manage to find success in the mobile space

PayPal has established a strong presence in mobile commerce, but it is not the only company to do so. China’s Alibaba has also been focusing more heavily on the mobile space. The company’s Alipay platform has become a major success, reportedly processing more mobile payments than PayPal and Square combined. As consumers become more focused on their mobile devices, their participation in mobile commerce is expected to continue to grow. Mobile platforms that are able to meet their needs are likely to find significant success, as is evident with the Alipay platform as well as others.

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