PayDragon takes new approach to mobile commerce and payments to dodge lineups



Get a pass to the head of the line with new mobile commerce app

Startup company, PayDragon, has created an all new approach to mobile commerce and payments made using smartphones, which is designed to help consumers to avoid having to wait in line and to improve the overall experience of paying for a product or service.

The lineup has been a major challenge in the development of payment technology, and even the latest in mobile payments have not managed to avoid this part of the shopping experience. Consumers resent having to wait, as they live busy lives and don’t have the time to waste standing around while waiting to be served.

PayDragon’s new mobile payment approach allows consumers to pay for their products directly. Currently, this is designed for use primarily by food trucks and restaurants. When the app is used, the consumer is offered a number of local restaurants and food trucks. Once the specific restaurant option is selected, the consumer can choose from among approximately 6 items on a simplified menu.

The items are chosen and the app automatically charges the price to the credit card. Then, when the ordered food is ready, then the consumer is sent a notification as well as directions to the location so that it can be picked up. When the consumer arrives, all that he or she needs to do is provide the name and phone number from which the order was made, and the food can be collected.


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On the merchant side, only an internet browser is required in order to be able to access the dashboard of orders that have been made. They are listed chronologically to make sure that the customers are always served with the best possible timing.

According to Hamilton Chan, the PayDragon CEO, “It’s a low-fuss experience,” and “This app stays true to the principle of keeping things simple.”

Merchants are using QR codes in their advertising of their participation of the app, in order to allow consumers to download it simply and easily upon scanning.

The entire design of the app shows why it is so effective, in that it is quite basic and simple to use. Chan also mentioned that PayDragon insists that any menus included in the app must be limited to only the most popular items. No alteration or customization options are available. This helps it to remain a completely straightforward mobile commerce experience.

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