Patent highlights Microsoft’s interest in augmented reality

Microsoft mobile augmented reality

New patent shows that Microsoft still has a strong interest in using augmented reality for gaming

A new patent from Microsoft has been revealed, which was filed in January of this year. The patent further outlines Microsoft’s interest in augmented reality and how it can be used in gaming. Augmented reality has become quite attractive to the game industry because of its highly interactive nature. The technology can be used to change the way people see the world around them, allowing them to interact with digital displays that are highly responsive.

Patent outlines wearable system that will be able to predict its user’s behavior

The patent refers to a “wearable, behavior-based vision system.” This adds further fuel to rumors concerning Microsoft’s intention to develop a pair of augmented reality glasses that can be used for gaming. The patent notes that the system would be able to recognize real world objects and predict its users behavior. There is some speculation that the system could make use of the behavior-predicting methods of Microsoft’s Cortana, a digital personal assistant that operates in the same manner as Apple’s Siri.

The system could enhance the gaming experience without blocking out the real world

Microsoft mobile augmented realityThe system is meant to enhance gaming without also breaking a user’s tie to the real world. Similar platforms, like the Oculus Rift, are designed to fully immerse a user in a digital environment. These platforms cannot recognize real world objects and are unable to predict their user’s behavior in any way. Some gamers have praised these platforms for their immersive nature, but the demand for gaming systems that incorporate the real world rather than blocking it out is on the rise.

Lack of AR platforms makes it difficult for the game industry to embrace interactive technology completely

Augmented reality is most often used for entertainment purposes. A growing number of game developers and publishers are showing interest in this technology, but few have taken steps to incorporate the technology into their products. This is partly due to the relatively complex nature of augmented reality, but also because of the lack of AR platforms that cater specifically to gaming.

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