Passbook may be the cornerstone of Apple’s NFC endeavors

NFC Apple Rumors

NFC Apple Rumors

Apple continues to show interest in NFC technology

There has been a great deal of buzz concerning Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. When it was discovered that the much anticipated mobile device would be equipped with NFC technology, those with a keen interest in everything Apple began speculating about the mobile device’s future capabilities, especially in terms of mobile commerce. SITA, a company specializing in IT and telecommunication services for the airline industry, believes that the phone’s use of NFC technology will be encompassed in Apple’s Passbook.

Passbook may embody Apple’s mobile commerce initiatives

Passbook was unveiled by Apple earlier this year as a new mobile application for the iOS 6 operating system. The application boasts of a number of features, which are connected to the various applications that will be included in the iOS 6 system. While some speculate that the Passbook may be a standalone product, SITA expects that it will be the cornerstone of Apple’s mobile commerce endeavors.


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Platforms being designed with consumers in mind

Jim Peters, chief technology officer at SITA, suggests that Passbook will enhance Apple’s mobile wallet and electronic ticketing services through the use of NFC technology. Peters claims that Apple is developing both the iOS 6 platform and Passbook with consumers in mind, taking note of the growing demand for NFC services in a number of industries. The airline industry, in particular, is suggested to be an ideal target for NFC technology due to the convenience of electronic ticketing in an environment that can, at times, be stressful for consumers.

Passbook may succeed in boosting the adoption of NFC technology

NFC technology has largely been associated with the mobile commerce and marketing industries. The technology has recently begun expanding beyond these two sectors, though its adoption has been somewhat sluggish. Jim Peters suggests that this delayed adoption is largely due to the fact that many of the companies making use of NFC technology are not taking consumer needs into consideration. SITA expects that Apple’s Passbook and iOS 6 will change that.

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