Papa John’s uses iPhone mobile marketing to boost sales

Mobile Marketing Industry

Mobile Marketing Industry
Officials at Louisville-based Papa John’s International Inc. have already concentrated significant efforts on online sales, and are now expanding that focus to include marketing via mobile devices through the use of mobile banner adds that will lead their customers to their mobile website where they can make an order for take-out or delivery.

The most recent mobile promotion being presented by the pizza chain includes a banner ad available through an app for Pandora’s iPhone, which offers a $10 large-size spicy Italian pizza.

The company has made no effort to hide the fact that they have been driving their efforts heavily forward with digital sales in order to achieve growth successes this year. In fact, at the InvestKentucky Equity Conference in June, Chris Sternberg, Papa John’s senior vice president of communications and general counsel gave a presentation that explained that 28 percent of the company’s sales are brought in by purchases made online.


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The presentation also indicated that in 2010, the pizza restaurant chain had benefitted from over $20 million in sales through orders made over a mobile device, and that in that same year, it became the first pizza business ever to break the $2 billion mark for cumulative ordering sales made over the internet.

During Pappa John’s first quarter this year, a net income of $16.4 million was posted for the total 3,700 units worldwide of the chain. For that time, Sternberg estimated that fewer than one in every ten orders made from Papa John’s was made while actually present within one of the shops. The remainder were made either over the phone or online.

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