Why Outsourcing Your IT Functions Is the Best Business Decision You Could Make

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Part of being a successful and forward-thinking manager is the innate ability to make snap decisions when faced with a barrage of information, all from different sources, and sometimes, it can feel as if you are simply fighting fires, rather than taking important steps forward for your company.

Make the popular and incredibly advantageous decision to outsource the whole of your IT functions to a reputable and prestigious third-party

An Objective Eye on Your Business

If you are only outsourcing your IT functions, then the partnering company will only be concerned with IT-related business. However, the benefits from an objective and impartial eye over your company, even in one area, truly know no bounds.

A renowned Colorado Springs IT Support Company will be able to quickly and efficiently identify any problem areas within your business, and not only that, but suggest effective and impressive changes to make within your IT department, to ensure a heightened level of efficiency and productivity.

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A Huge Breadth of Provided Service

The service delivery from an independent company that has been given control of the day-to-day running of a business is incredibly important, regardless of the specific department you choose to outsource, but when it comes to IT outsourcing, you will be impressed by the breadth of provided service.

Typical services provided with IT outsourcing include, amongst others, the following:

  • Meeting regulatory and industry compliance needs
  • Network management, design and monitoring
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365
  • Data security, backups and firewalls
  • Regular IT assessments and checks
  • Troubleshooting help desks and 24/7 support

Reduced Software & Hardware Costs

One of the main advantages of choosing to outsource your IT functions is the impressive cost savings you will benefit from, and you will notice such savings virtually immediately.

Established IT companies will have access to impressive reductions in both computing hardware and software which are simply not accessible to commercial businesses, and when such companies buy directly from the supplier, they will now be able to benefit from such savings.

A Way to Rival Your Competitors

If you stand at the helm of a smaller business, then IT outsourcing becomes even more beneficial, essentially because you could not possibly hope to compete financially with the in-house provisions and support services that such companies will provide. 

Outsourcing your entire IT department will mean that your smaller business will be able to perform and function, in one part, as a larger one, with access to software, hardware, computers, and computing-related technologies that they would never previously have access to. 

Security & Compliance

Finally, yet perhaps the most crucial basic service a specialized IT company will provide, IT outsourcing will ensure that all of your network’s firewalls are up-to-date and functioning properly and any necessary DMZs are installed. 

Security and compliance problems will be, as much as feasibly possible, entirely prevented, due to regular and thorough audits of both servers and workstations, as well as the implementation of PCI security standards throughout. 

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