OUTFORM Launches In-Store PodDrop™ Platform That Merges Product Sampling With Customer Data Capture

Fully Automated Sample Dispenser Gives Physical Products a Digital Trail for the Next Level of Consumer Engagement and Ad Retargeting


OUTFORM is proud to debut PodDrop™, a new in-store discovery experience that allows brands to dispense product samples and stay in touch with consumers, even after they leave the store. The revolutionary platform creates a digital trail for every sample and  seamlessly integrates customers’ in-store experiences with their unique data. After consumers obtain a sample, brands can retarget ads or engage these consumers with an unprecedented level of authenticity and targeted accuracy.

PodDrop is a sleek, automated sample dispenser fully customizable to any type of brand and aesthetic. Shoppers simply scan a QR code on the machine to share their contact information (or their social media profiles). Information is verified to prevent one person from obtaining multiple sample giveaways. Next, the machine dispenses the product sample in a pod. Later, brands can retarget ads through the same precision as customer data acquired through online shopping.

Outform Launches In-Store PodDrop™ Platform That Merges Product Sampling With Customer Data Capture

“PodDrop is a paradigm shift in consumer engagement, finally bringing together all the benefits of physical product samples with digital insight and tracking,” says Chris Brandewie, OUTFORM’s Vice President of Strategy and Design. “This is the most effective tool brands have at their disposal to create a fully unified commerce experience, engaging customers online and in-store at the same time.”

As consumers use smartphones more frequently to check prices, research products, or unlock enhanced shopping experiences, PodDrop gives brands the ability to build a deeper relationship with customers, directing them both to and from digital and physical experiences without losing data in either world. PodDrop propels OUTFORM’s mission to take the digital handshake to the next level and sets the stage for a new era of true omnichannel marketing and communication.

About OUTFORM, Inc.Outform has taken the global retail industry by storm over the last few years, specifically in the consumer electronics space, providing technology infused solutions via a strategic process that is unmatched in the industry. Outform specializes in creating tangible consumer engagements that elevate, connect and humanize brand experiences. We unite leading experts in research, strategy, design, innovation, and manufacturing, who work together to create unforgettable brand experiences. Lean, interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with clients, helping them to solve their user’s biggest problems. Our user-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across different environments. For more information, visit www.outform.com

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