Orange introduces NFC-enabled SIM cards to France

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New initiative aimed to promote mobile commerce amongst French consumers

Multinational telecommunications company Orange has announced that it will launch a new initiative in its home country of France designed to promote mobile commerce. The company will be behind the nationwide deployment of NFC-enabled SIM cards for mobile devices. These cards will be capable of turning nearly any mobile device into a mobile payment platform. Orange believes that the initiative will help those that do not own NFC-enabled smart phones to gain experience with mobile commerce.

NFC-enabled SIM Cards to reach 27 million consumers

Orange expects that its NFC-enabled SIM cards will bring mobile commerce to more than 27 million subscribers in the French market. Depending on the success of this initiative, the telecommunications company may choose to expand to other markets in Europe. Orange has been a staunch advocate for mobile commerce and NFC technology for some time. Through a number of its partners, such as China Mobile, the company has promoted the use of the technology and the spread of the mobile commerce industry.


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Gemalto cited as provider for NFC cards for mobile devices

The NFC-enabled SIM cards are designed to allow consumers with older mobile devices to make mobile payments. The cards come from Gemalto, a leading digital security company. Gemalto believes that the NFC-enabled SIM cards will provide consumers with a secure way to make mobile payments though they may not have access to the security applications available for smart phones.

Concerns regarding security proves to spur skepticism from many companies

Though mobile commerce has become an attractive concept to consumers, whether it will take root in the world of business and finance has yet to be seen. Many companies and organizations have shown skepticism regarding mobile commerce and NFC technology. Some suggest that mobile commerce, as it exists today, is not as safe as it can be and presents serious risks that companies are not inclined to account for. Nonetheless, these companies may have to adopt NFC technology if demand from consumers continues to grow.

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