Oracle and Augme combine for mobile marketing integration

Oracle Headquaters

Oracle HeadquatersOracle CRM On Demand will now be using Augme’s AD LIFE platform in order to send out advertisements that will be readable using any kind of mobile device.

This move marks a meaningful change in the mobile advertising marketplace as marketers will no longer be required to develop campaigns for each individual type of mobile device, depending on screen size (for example, tablets versus smartphones) or operating system (for example Android versus iOS). The concern that campaigns will be unreadable for certain mobile clients will be eliminated by this effort.

To accomplish this goal Oracle CRM On Demand is integrating with Augme’s AD LIFE platform to create a powerful CRM solution for mobile. There are two primary Augme elements that are the foundation to the Oracle integration: device detection and content rendering. These two factors make certain that any mobile device will be able to read campaigns created through the use of this solution.

This is Oracle’s first integration of this nature.

The Augme AD LIFE platform makes it possible to provide key mobile execution functions through its integration with Oracle CRM ON Demand. It delivers mobile content through a connection with the core systems. This connection also allows for the delivery of mobile advertising, commerce tactics, and marketing, as well as the management of mobile response communications.

Furthermore, over multiple media channels, AD LIFE offers measurability and refinement to mobile consumer data points.

To realize the goal of Oracle Validated Integration, the partners of Oracle must meet a number of strict requirements which are based on the priorities and needs of consumers.

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