Opportunity knocks for the B2B mobile website market

Mob.is.it Website Preview

Demand for mobile websites is on the rise, driven by consumers tethered to mobile technology

As consumers grow more attached to their mobile devices, the need for businesses to adapt to this trend is becoming more apparent. Small businesses, in particular, are beginning to feel the pressure of reaching out to a new generation of mobile consumers as well as other businesses. Today, the Internet plays a large role in the business world, but typical websites are not accommodating of mobile devices. Mob.is.it, a new service that specializes in mobile website design, aims to address this issue and give businesses a chance to reach out to consumers as well as other businesses.

Build and resell features are becoming more and more attractive for mobile marketers as well as website designers

One of Mob.is.it’s most attractive features is its build and resell feature for . This service allows businesses to build websites that are optimized for viewing with a mobile device. Businesses can also sell these sites to other businesses. Those using Mob.is.it will find that these mobile websites are free of “watermark,” notes that indicate that the site was built using the service. Users will also be able to leverage their own domains with the service, which allows them a degree of flexibility when reselling the site to other companies.


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Mobile websites are of vital importance for businesses

It has become imperative that companies ensure that their websites are optimized to be viewed from a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. TNS Global, a leading market research firm, estimates that there are 6 billion mobile consumers in the world. A recent report from research firm Leo J. Shapiro and Associates notes that 47% of smart phone owners in the U.S. use their devices to find information on products they are interested in purchasing. The report shows that another 36% of mobile consumers read product reviews on websites from their mobile devices.  If these websites are not optimized for mobile viewing, consumers will be unable to navigate them effectively with a mobile device, which could translate into a loss of traffic.Mob.is.it Website Preview

Mobility is becoming a key issue in B2B relations

The business world is becoming increasingly mobile. This is particularly true for business to business relations. Mob.is.it’s B2B solutions aim to offer companies a more intuitive way to do business and reach out to consumers. Thus far, many consumers have responded well to mobile marketing campaigns. These consumers have, however, been particularly critical of companies and campaigns that do not use mobile-optimized websites. The Leo J. Shapiro and Associates report, cited earlier, also indicates that the majority of mobile consumers will make purchases from their mobile devices. In this case, a mobile website can mean the difference between a successful sale and loss of business. Mob.is.it is poised to help companies ensure the former over the latter.


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