One in 4 smartphone owners have tried a mobile wallet

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According to Blueshift Research, a quarter of these device users have used this technology at least one time.

The results of a recent study conducted by Blueshift Research have revealed that 25 percent of smartphone owners have tried using a mobile wallet at least one time, suggesting that retailers might want to expect more payments to be made by way of these devices throughout the holiday shopping season.

Though the growth has not been exceptionally fast, it is clear that more shoppers are interested in mobile payments.

This indicates a growing interest in seeing what alternatives to traditional payment transactions, such as the mobile wallet services offered by Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and PayPal. This indicates that retailers are going to need to start to take these new technologies more seriously and to understands the changes that are being made in the behaviors of their shoppers. The findings of the research indicated that 11.4 percent of smartphone owners were already using some type of digital payments service on a regular basis.

There are slightly more smartphone users that have tried a mobile wallet, even if they aren’t using it regularly.

mobile wallet Holiday ShoppingAmong smartphone users, not including those that were using the mobile payments on a regular basis, there were another 14 percent that had tried this type of transaction at least one time. There was another 1.6 percent that said that they had signed up for a smartphone based wallet service but had not yet used it to complete a transaction.

The consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 years – that is, the generation that is the most comfortable (and addicted) to their devices – were the ones among whom the largest percentage had tried a mobile payments service (45 percent). However, among smartphone owners aged 60 or higher, there was still a very surprising proportion (28.5 percent) that had tried this type of payments transaction.

Earlier in 2014, the “Mobile Wallets: Strategies for Developed and Developing Markets 2014-2019” predicted that there would be serious growth in the use of smartphone based payments, a trend greatly propelled forward by Stored Value Accounts, which it said were “increasingly enabling first time financial access for unbanked individuals”.

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