Oklahoman remodeling firm finds use for QR codes

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QR Code USThe real estate industry has been quick to adopt QR codes. Indeed, the industry was among the very first to make use of the blocky designs in the U.S. Realtors have had success in marketing their services and properties through use of the codes, but they are but one aspect of the real estate business. Construction crews are beginning to follow the example realtors have left. In Oklahoma, a remodeling company has begun using QR codes to show off its services and quality of its work.

Black and white, box-shaped patterns on signboard occupying the front yards of houses is not a new phenomenon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Residents have grown accustomed to seeing the barcodes on several real estate signs in the past several years. Since their first appearance some time in 2008, the codes have made their way into magazine and newspaper ads and have even begun showing up on TV. In this case, it is not the fact that QR codes are being used, but who is using them that is causing a buzz in the community.

Tulsa Renew, a remodeling company based in Oklahoma, has been using the codes in their latest marketing campaign. Owner Steven Jones has taken note of the usefulness of the codes in connecting with clients and has taken a liking to them. The codes are appearing on signage and link to the firm’s mobile site which displays a portfolio of their work and contact information. Jones, however, is not stopping at simple marketing. He is using the codes update his clients on the progress of their project.


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“During the project,” says Jones, “we send out video updates once a day showing what we got done and what can be expected the next day.”

The videos are emailed to clients in the form of a QR code which, when scanned, links directly to the video.

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