Ocutrx receives first U.S. medical patent for its AR glasses

AR Glasses - Medical tech for vision - eyes

USPTO gives thumbs up to the California-based companies Augmented Reality (AR) medical application technology.

Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC announced that their AR glasses, the Oculenz, has been given its first medical patent by the Unite States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for restoring functional sight to patients who have visual field defects.

The Oculenz is the first of its kind.

“The Oculenz is the first ground-breaking technology to offer a solution for advanced central visual defects in patients with retinal disease,” stated Dr. Thomas Finley, M.D. in the Ocutrx press release announcing the patent. Finley is a Vitreoretinal surgeon and member of the Ocutrx International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB).

He added that the innovative tech used by the AR glasses brings new hope that functional vision that was previously considered impossible to restore could be regained.

“The impact on the individual’s quality of life and retained or regained ability to productively function at home and in the workplace will be immeasurable,” said Finley.

Ocutrx also plans to market its AR glasses to other sectors.

Beyond the medical industry, the AR manufacturing company intends to market their AR tech to other industries. Among these include HAZMAT, industrial, commercial, aerospace, drones, defense, e-commerce, and gaming.

“We strategically designed our first ARwear for the medical industry, where there are many highly-motivated buyers, then we intend to expand into the AR market-at-large,” commented Ocutrx COO, Scott Evans, in the company’s press release.

What makes the Oculenz AR technology so unique is that it functions similarly to the natural blind spot we all have in our vision but that we don’t realize is there on a daily basis, explained international Retinal Specialist surgeon and Ocutrx IMAB member, Dr. Lars Freisberg, MD.

The reason that we never really see this hole, according to Dr. Freisberg, is the brain fills it in with other visual information it has AR Glasses - Medical tech for vision - eyescollected. Working with visual input can train the brain not to see unnecessary or redundant things.

The Oculenz AR glasses have the widest field-of-vision in the industry. The untethered, wirelessly connected, micro-weight headset is equipped with a 110-degree high-resolution heads-up display. Additionally, the Oculenz ARwear can work in combination with smart contact lenses as the eye-tracking and display.

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