North Carolina town announces QR code technology designed to reach out to residents

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Cary,  population 94,536 located just 11 miles out of Raleigh (North Carolina’s capital) , just recently jumped on board the technology express.

Their televised town council meetings have a new addition, a QR code. Imprinted on their brochures and now on television, the town hopes to get more residents involved in community concerns by directing viewers to their web site listing the full meeting’s agenda via one’s smart phone.      

Cary being one of the first municipalities in the country to use this technology follows in the foot- steps of Manor Texas. Manor has been using the qr codes through-out their city so that visitors and residents alike can see immediate info on their parks, historical landmarks, bus schedules and public work projects.  

“We like to embrace new technology, and QR codes will allow us to drive traffic to our website and provide information without producing more paper,” said town spokeswoman Deanna Boone.qr code technology


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Many feel that one of the drawbacks to this technology is the availability. Only about 25 to 33 percent of the U.S. population currently owns a smart phone, according to the Mobile Marketing Association. Even though, most phones newly purchased, now come with the scanner already loaded and if this isn’t enough you can download the application from your computer.  As this gains more public curiosity, more and more consumers will opt for the scanner.

Scanbuy, a QR code development company, has reported rapid growth. In fact, their code generation has increased from approximately 1500 a day to 38,000 a day! Not only are townships following suit, small business owners like Real Estate agents are finding huge potential by knocking out the use of flyers to show homes. All in all, greener is better, plus cost effective too!

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