Nordstrom predicts growth in both e-commerce and m-commerce

Nordstrom Mobile Marketing

Nordstrom Mobile Marketing
Nordstrom has revealed that the web is the channel where it is seeing the most growth, and it has now announced that it will be using a notable amount of its $1.5 billion in available capital to maintain and drive that growth.

The company has recently celebrated its 111th birthday, and it is now developing significant mobile shopping offerings as well as features to personalize the purchasing experience. This will allow its site visitors to obtain recommendations based on their own in-store and online purchasing behaviors.

Nordstrom has also indicated that it is looking into same-day delivery service, which may help to broaden its appeal. Additionally, it intends to significantly boost the number of items that it has available for online purchase so that customers will have a greater selection from which to choose.


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According to the president of the direct division of company, Jamie Nordstrom, who oversees the official website, “If you’re listening to customers, they’re telling you that their expectations around how they want to shop are evolving.”

He added that it is common for today’s customers to be very busy, with tight schedules, meaning that they don’t have all of time that was available to previous generations for seeking out the item they need. They require greater efficiency and more effective assistance.

These changes are good news for people seeking work in the Seattle area, as the company intends to hire approximately 350 new workers (primarily in IT, e-commerce, and m-commerce) within the upcoming months. They are also on the lookout for additional office space above and beyond its current 1 million square feet downtown.

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