Nokia seeks to dethrone QR codes, but the expense of NFC technology may prove that effort futile

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

QR Codes vs. NFC Phones

Despite the growing popularity QR codes have been attaining amongst consumers, the barcodes are losing favor with some companies. Nokia, one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, is now branding the codes as obsolete. The company has been investing heavily into NFC technology, which allows smart phones and other mobile devices to interact with each other via wireless signals. With Nokia casting aside QR codes, it may signal a major shift in the world of mobile technology is coming.

Nokia’s favor of NFC technology stems from the role they play in the emerging mobile commerce industry. NFC is the cornerstone of mobile commerce because it enables smart phones, and similar devices, to act as a payment medium, thus turning them into digital wallets. The entire premise of contactless payments is to streamline transactions. Essentially, as more stores adopt NFC payment platforms, human interaction at checkout becomes unnecessary.

The problem with Nokia’s attempt to dethrone QR codes is that NFC technology is expensive to implement, whereas the codes can be made and used for free. Small problems made while generating a QR code can be easily rectified in a short amount of time. Problems with NFC applications, however small they may be, require much more time to correct as well as more money spent hiring appropriate personnel. Given these problems, QR codes are likely to continue being an important part for the entirety of the mobile industry.

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