Nokia adopts augmented reality for new navigation app

Nokia Headquaters

Nokia Headquaters
Nokia has begun upgrading its location-based services to better incorporate augmented reality technology. The telecommunications company has plans to synchronize these services with its latest augmented reality application that will come pre-equipped on new Nokia smart phones. Nokia has taken a greater interest in new mobile technologies, such as NFC technology, in order to enhance their services to customers. With augmented reality becoming more popular in the mobile industry, the adoption of the technology seemed inevitable.

The company is currently collecting geographic information from 196 countries around the world. Some of the data collected includes information on public transit and traffic patterns as well as local stores. Users of Nokia’s new augmented reality app can access this information by inputting their location into the phone. The app will then present them with an array of options and allow smart phone users to find directions or look for nearby deals at retailers.

Nokia is looking to revolutionize the world of navigation applications by making augmented reality a prominent feature of their app. Most navigation apps are used when people have lost their way, but Nokia believes that these same apps can be used to better inform consumers of their surroundings.

The app will be available on new Nokia smart phones that will be released next year. These phones will also include NFC technology, allowing owners to make purchases with their mobile device.

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