Nintendo adopts NFC technology for Wii U

Wii U GamePad nintendo nfc technology

Wii U GamePad

Company unveils plans to use NFC technology

Famed game developer Nintendo has been hyping up its second generation Wii console, dubbed Wii U, recently. The company has been keen to hint at the various features that will make the console strand out from amongst its competitors. Though information concerning the Wii U is still scarce, Nintendo is expected to unveil a wealth of information at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Nintendo has already released a glimpse of what is in store for the future, showing that the Wii U will support NFC technology.

Nintendo announced Wii U GamePad

NFC technology has become relatively famous because of its uses in mobile commerce and marketing. The technology’s uses do not end with these industries, however, and Nintendo believes that NFC could bring more interactivity to the world of games. Ahead of this year’s E3 event, Nintendo has released information concerning the Wii U GamePad, a tablet controller for the upcoming console.

Tablet controller to feature NFC capabilities

The GamPad features a 6.2-inch touch screen that can double as an infrared TV remote. The tablet controller boasts of motions sensors similar to those found in a Wii remote, allowing gamers to control their games with the movements of their bodies. The GamePad is also equipped with an NFC chip, which will enable a wealth of social-interaction features as well as allow the device to stream data from the controller to the Wii U console or to a TV. This information can also be transmitted from one GamePad to another, allowing gamers to share information.

Nintendo expects NFC to compete with augmented reality in game industry

Nintendo believes that NFC technology will have a role to play in the future of gaming. It is one of the first companies to adopt NFC into its consoles but is not likely to be the last. Competitor Microsoft has plans to develop augmented reality components for its console, but Nintendo expects that NFC is capable of standing up to the giant that augmented reality is considered to be.

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