NFC technology to be used in new outdoor marketing ploy

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DMC teams with Primesight to engage consumers in a new way

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has announced its partnership with Primesight, an outdoor media company, this week. Through the partnership, the companies aim to install 100 new interactive panels throughout DCM’s cinema estates. These interactive panels will be equipped with NFC technology, which will be used to engage consumers on a dynamic level. The initiative is meant to bring brands closer to consumers, allowing the two to interact more fluently. NFC technology has already shown itself to be fairly proficient in this effort.

NFC technology continues to prove itself as a powerful marketing tool

NFC technology is most recognized for its used in mobile commerce. Indeed, the technology is used primarily to conduct mobile payments these days. Before the advent of mobile commerce, however, NFC technology proved itself as a powerful marketing tool. At one point, the technology had been considered the successor of QR codes in the mobile marketing industry. While QR codes have managed to retain their place of prominence in the industry, NFC technology can still be used effectively to reach out to consumers.

Panels will provide consumers with exclusive content

DCM believes that the NFC-enabled panels will be a great success with consumers who are looking for more interactivity. The company claims that the panels are highly attractive to businesses because they allow companies to provide consumers with content. By interacting with the panels, consumers may find access to exclusive digital content that can be found only through the interactive panels.

Availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices may hinder the reach of marketing scheme

DCM and Primesight have chosen NFC technology because of its potential as an interactive marketing tool. In order for consumers to interact with the technology, however, they must have an NFC-enabled mobile device. Few of these devices are currently available, though mobile companies are beginning to produce them in mass quantities. The availability of NFC-enabled mobile device may severely limit the potential reach of the interactive panels, but this may be a short-term problem rather than a long-term one.

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