NFC technology to be supported in Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announces the inclusion of NFC technology into its latest smart phone

Acclaimed technology company Microsoft has released information concerning its much anticipated Windows Phone 8 mobile device. The latest iteration of the company’s smart phone will make use of the new Windows 8 operating system. While the Windows Phone has had trouble competing with both the iOS and Android platforms, it has nonetheless attracted a great deal of interest because of its use of the most popular operating system in the world. Microsoft has announced that the new Windows Phone will support both mobile wallet applications and NFC technology.

Windows Phone 8 able to act as a mobile payment device

Microsoft has shown a great deal of interest in the mobile commerce industry. This industry has been pushed forward through the use of NFC technology, which is capable of turning a mobile device into a mobile payment platform. As NFC technology grows more popular, technology companies are developing mobile wallet applications to make mobile commerce more convenient for consumers. Windows Phone 8 will be able to facilitate mobile transactions in the same way other NFC-enabled mobile devices will.


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Windows 8 to also support NFC technology

The company has also announced that the next generation of its operating system, Windows 8, will be capable of utilizing NFC technology. This new feature of the Windows 8 platform holds a large array of implications for technology developers that rely on the operating system. These developers will be able to utilize NFC technology in order to create a large number of new features that focus on interactivity.

Microsoft expected to find new uses for NFC

NFC technology has been a popular tool in the world of mobile commerce. The technology is not only capable of facilitating mobile transactions, however, and can be used to connect with consumers on a new level. NFC technology has, in the past, been used in a number of marketing campaigns, many of which have been successful. Microsoft is expected to push the boundaries of the technology in order to discover new uses for NFC, while still using it as a driving force behind mobile commerce.


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