NFC technology steps taken by Apple, again, with Passbook patent

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Apple NFC Technology TrendsThe mobile device manufacturer is making moves that indicate that near field communication is coming.

Though Apple shocked many with the release of an NFC technology free version of its iPhone 5, it has been making regular moves toward the adoption of the technique through acquisitions, and now a recent patent application.

The approach that Apple has shown toward near field communication, so far, has been comparatively slow.

This has not only left the NFC technology world feeling uncertain about its future and has delayed its mainstream acceptance and use, but it has also driven the rumors about future versions of Apple devices.

The hesitation with NFC technology has lead some people to refer to Apple as becoming outdated.

Critics have also accused Apple of having lost touch with the industry and of failing to remain at the cutting edge of innovation, where they were once the leaders. That said, Apple has just filed for a patent for NFC technology in combination with its Passbook. It made the filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for “Integrated coupon storage, discovery, and redemption system,” which will be used in a mobile device.


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At the moment, it looks as though the NFC technology will simply be fused with the new Passbook mobile wallet app that was introduced by Apple in June and signaled its entry into that part of the market. However, some suggest that it may also imply that it will be using the technology for upping its mobile security features both for the wallet and, possibly, other elements of the device.

The filing for the patent also suggests a few features other than NFC technology that could one day be added to the company’s digital wallet. For example, the patent reveals a process for using the camera in order to add digital coupons to the wallet. It also makes mention of a process for registering for certain discount coupon services, for example, Groupon. This would mean that the user would automatically receive those coupons within the Passbook, and that they would appear at the appropriate time so that they can be used.

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