NFC technology may receive a boost through new partnership in Europe

Mobile Commerce Industry

Mobile Commerce Industry

Orange joins NFC Patent Licensing Program

France Brevets, an investment fund specializing in patent promotion and monetization in Europe, has announced that Orange, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Europe, has become a strategic partner for the NFC Patent Licensing Program. The program, which was launched earlier this year, aims to make a wide variety of NFC patents available for companies interested in mobile commerce, marketing, and the numerous other applications of NFC technology. Through the program, France Brevets provides these companies with a license that allows them to make use of patented technologies, methodologies, and manufacturing methods.

NFC technology continues to gain support in numerous industries

NFC technology is relatively new, having first garnered international attention in 2004. The technology received mild attention until it managed to bring mobile commerce into the limelight. Now, companies like Google, Apple, and Intel are showing keen interest in the capabilities of the technology and how it could be used for their various ventures. Thus far, NFC technology has seen the majority of its use come from the mobile commerce industry, where it plays a significant role in the facilitation of mobile payments.

Patents to be made available to those participating in the program

As a strategic partner to the NFC Patent Licensing Program, range will provide many of its patents to France Brevets. Many of these patens involve NFC technology and how it can be used throughout the mobile industry. France Brevets will make these patents available for those that receive a license through the program.

Program may spur advances in NFC technology

The program’s overall aim is to spur the development and advancement of NFC technology. As the technology grows more advanced, it is expected to become more secure in terms of mobile commerce, and more dynamic in terms of mobile marketing. Orange has long expressed an interest in promoting NFC technology amongst consumers and businesses throughout Europe and is expected to be an integral part of the NFC Patent Licensing Program.

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