NFC technology may get a boost from Razorfish campaign

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NFC technology still unfamiliar in the U.S.

NFC technology has managed to garner a great deal of support from consumers all over the world. In the U.S., however, the technology is still unfamiliar. With concerns over mobile security growing, many U.S. consumers have shown caution when approaching NFC technology. As such, the technology has yet to reach mainstream status, which could have significant implications for industries like mobile commerce, which rely on NFC technology. Marketing agency Razorfish has devised a way to introduce consumers to NFC technology in the hopes of making them more comfortable with its use.

Razorfish aims to expose people to NFC technology through new campaign

The marketing agency has created a digital gumball machine that utilizes NFC technology. The digital machine inhabits the physical appearance of a somewhat technologically advanced physical gumball machine. Instead of candy, however, the machine distributes mobile applications, movies, ebooks, and location-based content, each of these costs one quarter. When the quarter is fed to the machine the content distributed can be installed directly into an NFC-enabled smart phone.


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NFC-based system may fill the void between physical and digital

The NFC gumball machine may be able to fill the void between the digital and physical worlds. Such a void has made it difficult for some consumers to fully understand the uses of NFC technology, as well as other interactive technologies. By filling this void, Razorfish may be able to help people understand how NFC technology works and how it can benefit them in some way. If successful, this may help NFC technology enter the mainstream in the U.S.

Exposure may alleviate security concerns

NFC technology is most often used in the realm of mobile commerce. The technology has been subject to criticism recently due to its possible security flaws. As mobile security continues to be a serious concern amongst many consumers throughout the world, any link that NFC technology may have to malware or some other threat is being thrust into the limelight. Being able to show consumers that NFC technology may not be as inherently dangerous as they think could make the technology more appealing.

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