NFC technology may be included in iPhones after all

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Apple NFC Technology TrendsApple could be planning to release a device that contains the near field communication chip in the future.

The recent acquisition of Authentec by Apple, for $356 million, is suggesting that after years of rumors stating that it is seeking to include NFC technology in its iPhones, this may become the truth in the not so distant future.

A near field communication chip was notably absent from the recent release of the iPhone 5.

Now, the NFC technology news has been revealed that the Embedded Security Solutions (ESS) division of Authentec is being sold for $48 million to Inside Secure. This is causing many in the industry to speculate that the acquisition of Authentec, in combination with the fingerprint identity recognition system that it has also obtained, could mean that near field communications are on their way for Apple devices.

This could be the step that the NFC technology marketplace has been waiting for to become mainstream.

Products from ESS are already being used in millions of different networking and mobile products to help provide greater data security for individuals and businesses. This includes the popular Android devices, which means that this division’s sale cannot bring about accusations to Apple regarding the retention of too much power within this rapidly growing section of the mobile industry. This is true, despite the fact that it does hold some technology that is entirely unique.


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Authentec also has a number of other divisions that could complement NFC technology. These include the divisions of Smart Sensors, TouchChip, and Identity Management. The first and last divisions on that list have already been taken out of the marketplace. However, the products within the TouchChip division remain available for potential acquisition. This implies that Apple plans to keep hold of and use the fingerprint sensor technology at Authentec, as well as its identity management solutions, one day.

Up until now, NFC technology has yet to truly wow consumers and merchants enough that they have made a tremendous impact into their existence. However, if Apple were to add these chips to their future devices, this could be a significant game changer.

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