NFC technology may be faced with daunting challenges in Asia

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ROA Holdings study suggests steps to expedite the adoption of NFC technology

NFC technology has managed to grab international attention for its uses in various industries. Much of this attention, but not all of it, has been positive, with many consumers showing a great deal of interest in making use of the technology. The vast majority of consumers are still quite unfamiliar with the technology, however, which may become a roadblock in the expansion of NFC-based services in the future. A new study from ROA Holdings suggests that NFC technology must follow a few simple steps in order to become a widespread success.

Consumers show more interest in concept of mobile commerce over practice

The study focuses mostly on the Asian market. According to the study, consumers have been showing interest in the concept and potential uses for NFC technology, but few have taken o downloading applications that support NFC. This is particular true in the mobile commerce industry. NFC technology has played a vital role in the establishment of mobile commerce, but has done little to win the affections of consumers.


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Simple, straightforward mobile payment systems needed to win over consumers

In order to win favor with consumers, ROA Holdings suggests that those invested in mobile commerce should create simpler payment methods. These methods should be focused on user experience and convenience rather than robust and dynamic features. The study suggests that the more experience consumers have with a payment system that is easy to use, the more likely they are to participate in customer relationship management programs and encourage their peers to adopt mobile payment systems that make use of NFC technology.

A simpler approach could help NFC technology overcome roadblocks

The adoption of NFC technology has hit several, modest roadblocks over the past few years. The technology has managed to overcome these challenges, thus far, but ROA Holdings suggests that NFC technology could be faced with serious challenges if more convenient and accommodating mobile payment systems cannot be developed.

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