NFC technology may be entering into India’s railway system

India rail service mobile ticketing

India rail service mobile ticketing

NFC technology shows potential in railway ticketing

NFC technology is beginning to become increasingly common in the world of transportation. The technology, which often takes the form of stickers, has begun appearing on plane and railway tickets. Some transportation officials believe that NFC technology could be an effective form of ticketing, allowing travelers more dynamic access to the information they may need. Nokia shares in the belief of this theory and is currently in negotiations with Metro Rail of India.

Nokia begins to expand its use of NFC technology

Nokia has already partnered with PayMate, an online payment service, to expand its mobile commerce presence in India. The company has invested heavily into mobile commerce and NFC technology, believing the two to be full of lucrative potential. Mobile commerce works through an NFC chip transmitting financial information to a particular payment terminal. This allows consumers to make payments for goods and services using their mobile device, as long as it is equipped with an NFC chip. Nokia believes that this same concept can be used in railway ticketing.


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NFC-enabled tickets could provide consumers with a wealth of information

NFC technology is not restricted to facilitating mobile payments. An NFC tag could be used to transmit a wide range of information and provide consumers with access to digital content. Such a tag could be affixed to a railway ticket and, when scanned, could provide consumers with information concerning their travel arrangements, such as departure times and where to find their train. NFC technology could also be used to make purchasing a ticket faster, reducing or eliminating the need to wait in line to purchase a ticket.

Nokia keeps details of its NFC plans a secret for now

Nokia has chosen to keep the exact details f its interest in NFC ticketing confidential. The company is currently in the negotiation phase of its communication with Metro Rail and no definitive plans have yet been established. Nokia is keen to tout the capabilities of NFC technology, however, both in the mobile commerce industry as well as others.

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