NFC technology lets Android users collect Greggs loyalty rewards

NFC Technology mobile payments

The company’s app gives its users the chance to tap their smartphones at the point of sale for rewards.

Greggs, a very popular bakery in the United Kingdom, has now updated its mobile app to function with the NFC technology in certain Android smartphones so that customers can collect and redeem loyalty rewards at the checkout counter.

This mobile app update makes it possible for the entire process to take no longer than a tap at the checkout counter.

In order to make this happen, Greggs chose to use NFC technology for collecting and redeeming loyalty rewards. It worked with vendor partners Eagle Eye and Spire Payments to make it possible for customers to receive a coffee stamp, purchase food or beverages, and to obtain instant rewards and offers. All of these is completed with a single mobile device transaction that is completed within the store.

The rewards app was first launched in 2014, but it wasn’t until now that it incorporated the NFC technology.

NFC Technology mobile paymentsGreggs chose to work with Spire Payments in order to ensure that its retail locations throughout the United Kingdom would all be ready for the near field communication technology based feature. The commercial director at Greggs, Malcolm Copland, explained that “NFC enables us to offer our customers a simple yet superior journey they won’t find anywhere else, and delivers on our core strategy of ensuring our customers are always getting the best service possible.”

By partnering with Spire Payments and Eagle Eye, it became possible for Greggs to be able to provide a higher technology experience directly to their customers. “We’re looking forward to seeing how they embrace the innovation,” he said.

Customers who want to take part in the loyalty program through the mobile app simply need to register for a Greggs Rewards account by way of the application or through the official retailer website through a mobile device or a laptop/desktop computer. They can use debit, credit, or PayPal to top up the amount of money in their account if they want to use the application for mobile payments purposes. The app can hold £5 to £50 at any given time.

Provided that the Android based device is NFC technology enabled, completing a transaction is then as simple as tapping the device at the point of sale.

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