NFC technology is taking off outside mobile payments

NFC technology key

NFC technology keyThough near field communication has been a main focus for purchasing transactions, there are many more uses.

NFC technology has been a primary focus for companies that have been making their way into the mobile payments industry, as they look for new and simple ways for individuals to be able to make a purchase using nothing more than a simple tap of the device on a reader.

Now these chips are being implemented in a number of additional creative ways outside of payments.

The use of NFC technology has attracted the attention of many different companies of all sizes – from startups to industry giants – particularly as the mobile payments sphere has been slow to catch on. As a growing number of consumers have smartphones equipped with these chips, these organizations are looking for new and inventive ways to allow them to employ that tech.

For instance, NFC technology is starting to be used to unlock doors – literally.

One example of a company that has come up with a new way to use NFC technology to replace traditional keys is Fraunhofer. It has come up with the Key2Share system, which allows a chip in a smartphone to be used to open a lock that is equipped with the right reader technology. At the moment, it is unavailable to iPhone users, as these chips have not been included in any of the models that have been released as of yet. However, there are a number of Android smartphones that are capable of taking on the job.

This type of use for smartphones equipped with NFC technology could be defining in the marketplace if consumers decide to begin using its abilities for access to their homes or offices, for example. The reason is that if they are already using the devices to replace their keys, they may become more likely to start using them to replace their credit cards and debit cards, as well. The more they trust their devices and using them for purposes that contain secure or sensitive information, the more likely they will be willing to start to adopt the use for a growing number of activities.

It could soon be that mobile wallets based on NFC technology are used not only for payments, but to unlock homes, start cars, and an array of different daily activities that would otherwise require users to carry a physical wallet or purse.

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