NFC technology growing in awareness amongst UK consumers

Mobile Commerce - NFC
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Mobile Commerce - NFC

Study shows consumers beginning to show interest in NFC technology and mobile commerce

NFC technology is beginning to attract more attention around the world, but many consumers are still unaware that the technology exists. These consumers are often unaware that the technology is used often in marketing and mobile commerce. Awareness is on the rise, however, especially in the United Kingdom, where YouGov, an Internet-based market research firm, has produced the results of a study concerning the issue. The study shows that UK consumers are beginning to understand and recognize NFC technology and its various capabilities.

NFC technology continues to attract interest around the world

NFC technology is a relatively new technology, having first emerged in 2004. In its early years, the technology saw minimal usage in the marketing industry. Recently, the concept of mobile commerce has taken the technology to new heights in terms of awareness and adoption. As one of the driving forces behind the mobile commerce industry, NFC technology has managed to attract the interest of companies and consumers around the world.

Study shows 36% of consumers are aware of the technology

YouGov’s study shows that approximately 36% of UK consumers are aware of NFC technology’s use in mobile payments. The study shows that approximately 12% of consumers are planning to adopt mobile payment systems over the next two years. The low adoption rates are suggested to be due to security concerns regarding NFC technology and mobile commerce in general. Despite these concerns, YouGov notes that awareness and adoption rates are on the rise.

NFC campaigns producing lackluster results

Recently, a number of British companies, including Barclay and Orange, have launched mobile commerce projects designed to promote the adoption of NFC technology amongst consumers. YouGov notes that these projects have not yet had the desired impact amongst consumers, showing lackluster results in terms of adoption and interest. Nonetheless, these companies are still committed to spreading the adoption of NFC technology and mobile commerce throughout the UK.


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