NFC technology from CalypsoKey unlocks doors for iPhone users

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Though Apple devices have yet to be enabled with near field communications, a new case may make the difference.

Much of the mobile industry was very surprised when the iPhone 5 was released without being enabled with NFC technology, which many consider to be among the latest standards for contactless communication.

Near field communication gives devices the ability to accomplish many goals with a simple wave or tap.

Several mobile payments companies have based their entire lines of service on NFC technology. It is present in the most recent releases of many of the leading manufacturers. However, it was notably absent in the latest iPhone. CalypsoKey saw this as an opportunity, instead of a drawback to the device. It has come up with a case that can bring near field communications to iPhones.

The NFC technology enabled case fits the iPhone 5 in order to provide it with certain new capabilities.

According to CalypsoKey, one of the most interesting features of this case is that it can allow device owners to use their mobile phones as keys. They can not only store a considerable amount of identification cards within the NFC technology of their device case, but they can also check in at the office, unlock doors, and open the garage.

The design of the case was chosen in order to keep things more simple. They wanted to avoid having to use an app in combination with the iPhone compatible product. They also wanted to prevent a massive drain on the device battery. Therefore, they decided to embed the NFC technology into the case for data storage within the case itself, in a battery free way so that recharging will never be necessary.

The NFC technology enabled case has a memory capacity of 1k and includes a 13.56 MHz RFID antenna, in addition to a second built-in 125 kHz RFID antenna. These two antennae ensure that the case will provide compatibility with the majority of readers and locking system access points. Though the official website for the company does not explain precisely how the unlocking data is transferred to the Key, it did state that Kaba RFID locks and other commonly used systems are compatible with the case.

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