NFC technology enabled devices will reach 500 million next year

NFC technology Phones Delivery Notice

NFC technology Phones Delivery NoticeHalf a billion devices will be equipped with these chips by the year 2014.

The number of NFC technology enabled devices that will allow smartphones and tablets to transmit data such as credit card and other payments information will break the 500 million mark by the end of 2014, says a recent report.

The latest study from ABI Research has shown that the number of these devices is growing fast.

The ABI Research report has indicated that even by the end of this year, there will have been 285 million devices shipped with NFC technology. According to the report, these heavy shipments are a clear indicator that manufacturers are continuing to support and drive the near field communication in the market, while mobile operators still battle to gain control and promote payments services based on this type of contactless or tap and go transaction.

The report shows that manufacturers started this rapid movement with NFC technology as of last year.

While device manufacturers did begin their large NFC technology equipped smartphone shipments in 2012, network operators continued to battle to be able to deliver mobile payments and other services that are based on its use. What ABI research explained was that the this has allowed manufacturers of devices based on Android to be able to enjoy the opportunity to step into these initiatives.

They have started to deliver NFC technology services in addition to the shipment of the devices that are equipped with the technology, including various features for data and content sharing. Among those manufacturers is Samsung, however non-Android manufacturers have also been developing and implementing strategies of this nature, as well, such as BlackBerry.

According to the ABI report, “They are differentiating themselves as they look to generate new service-based revenue streams utilizing NFC. Other brands, such as LG and Sony (SNE), are taking a different path as they horizontally integrate NFC across their broad product portfolios.”

Among the leading organizations taking part in the development of NFC technology based payments and other similar services include Google, Apple, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. The report stated that this is a clear indication that the tech has “reached the point of no return.”

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