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Apple continues to show interest in NFC technology

It is no secret that technology giant Apple has taken an acute interest in NFC technology. Though the company’s interest in the technology may be common knowledge, the exact details concerning its use of the technology are often shrouded in secrecy. A new patent application filed by Apple sheds some light on how the company plans to use NFC technology in the future to some degree. The patent suggests that Apple is working on creating systems, methods, and devices that can lead to more control over electronics.

NFC technology could begin expanding beyond mobile commerce

NFC technology has established itself as a powerful tool in the mobile commerce industry. The technology is widely used in this field as it has been identified as the best option for facilitating mobile payments. Issues regarding security may be causing turbulence in the mobile commerce industry, but NFC technology has more uses beyond this field. Apple has been keen to explore the possible uses of the technology and has been devising ways to expand the horizons of NFC technology.


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Patent hints at system to control electronic devices

According to the patent, Apple plans to develop a new NFC-based system that will be capable of controlling electronic devices. These devices can be of various types. The patent itself hints that the system could be used on a mobile phone, enabling it to control an entertainment system, such as the Apple TV. If successful in its potential endeavor, the system could be used for much more than televisions. In the future, the NFC-based system could be used to control gaming consoles and computers equipped with an NFC chip.

NFC technology still popular despite potential security issues

NFC technology may have recently come under fire in the wake of the Black Hat conference, but concerns regarding the security of the technology have done little to dissuade Apple from its use. Though the company has yet to announce plans that go beyond what it tentatively suggested through its patents, Apple seems poised to make use of NFC technology in new ways.

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