NFC technology adopted by US Bancorp

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

US Bancorp embraced NFC technology for mobile commerce

U.S. Bancorp, the parent company of U.S. Bank, has announced that it will be testing NFC technology for a new service being made available to iPhone users. The financial services company has been keeping track of the advent of mobile commerce and believes that the time may be right to begin looking into ways to engage mobile consumers in a new way. The test represents an iPhone case and application that are meant to appeal to consumers interested in mobile commerce.

New case brings NFC technology to the iPhone

The U.S. Bank Go Mobile application is available in two test markets in Oregon and Utah. The application is schedule for a widespread launch later this year. The application is designed to work alongside the company’s new iPhone case, which contains NFC technology. The case will allow an iPhone to facilitate mobile payments coming from its user. U.S. Bank FlexPerk customers will have access to a wide variety of features associated with both the application and the iPhone case.Mobile Wallets NFC Technology

Mobile commerce may be a lucrative pursuit

The iPhone does not support NFC technology inherently, making it difficult for iPhone users to participate in mobile commerce. NFC technology is currently the cornerstone of mobile commerce, allowing consumers to purchase products using nothing more than their mobile device. Several companies, such as Google, have already established a strong foothold in the realm of mobile commerce, showing just how lucrative this field can be for those with enough ingenuity.

Companies must find ways around Apple’s caution concerning NFC technology

Apple has shown only tentative support for mobile commerce in recent months, but has shown no confidence in the capabilities of NFC technology. The company is currently working on an alternative to NFC technology that it believes will be more secure and help protect the financial information of iPhone users. Until this alternative becomes widely available, companies interested in mobile commerce, such as U.S. Bancorp, will have to find ways around Apple’s lack of support.

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