NFC tags from Samsung could make mundane tasks more convenient

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NFC begins to expand beyond the boundaries of mobile commerce

Famed electronics and telecommunications company Samsung have announced that it will be taking a new approach to NFC technology. For years, companies like Samsung have focused on the financial implications of the technology. Indeed, the technology has been a key component in the rise of the mobile commerce industry. Samsung believes that more can be done with NFC technology, however, and has begun developing a new system that is designed to help make people’s daily lives more convenient.

Samsung unveils TecTiles

Samsung has developed a line of NFC tags that are called TecTiles. These NFC tags can be put just about anywhere and can be used to make daily or repetitive tasks. The TecTiles can be affixed to radios, home entertainment systems, as well as smart phones themselves to make them more interactive. Using an NFC-enabled smart phone, consumers can use these TecTiles to interact with the objects that are linked to the NFC tags. In this way, users can activate, deactivate, or access a devices various features through the use of TecTiles.

NFC tags becoming more than mobile marketing tools

NFC tags have become a popular tool in the mobile marketing industry, gaining acclaim in the wake of the skyrocketing fame of QR codes. The tags are often used at point-of-sale in retail stores where they have managed to capture the attention on consumers. Using an NFC-enabled smart phone or mobile device, shoppers have been able to access discounts and other content through interacting with these NFC tags.

TecTiles could help consumers enjoy even the most mundane of tasks

Samsung believes that its TecTiles can be a valuable part of a person’s daily life and could be used to make mundane tasks less time consuming. NFC technology has proven capable of providing consumers with new ways to interact with electronic devices and Samsung believes that the interest of consumers has reached a point where it can no longer go unnoticed.

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