NFC mobile application from TechnologyOne finds its way into Australian government



NFC app could help make government operations more efficient

TechnologyOne, a maker of business-to-business software for the government, education, health and community sectors, has launched a new NFC mobile application that aims to improve the performance of Australian government workers. The application leverages NFC technology to enable government workers to attain the information they may need to conduct their jobs more efficiently. The NFC mobile application is currently slated for use in the Tablelands Regional Council in Queensland and the Sutherland Shire Council in New South Wales.

iCouncil to provide council workers with access to the information they need

The NFC mobile application is dubbed iCouncil. Using the app, council workers are able to access information concerning various aspects of local governments and their citizens. The application is also available to the general public, who can use it to inform their local governments of problems they may be having with services and other issues. Council workers will be able to access official records using the NFC mobile application, a feature that is expected to assist in daily duties throughout Australia. Using NFC technology, the information accessed by the application can be shared amongst the wide network of council workers that are making use of the app.


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NFC mobile application could have a future in the Australian government

NFC technology is often seen the in the industries of marketing and mobile commerce. The technology has proven quite powerful in these two industries, allowing consumers to experience a heightened level of interaction and convenience in their daily lives. The technology has begun catching the attention of governments around the world, some of which has incorporated NFC into their public transportation systems. TechnologyOne believes that NFC mobile applications made specifically for government use could help make official operations more efficient.

App used for animal, property, and food inspections

Currently, the Sutherland Shire Council is using the iCouncil NFC mobile application to streamline its mobile operations. The council has plans to incorporate the application into food inspections in the near future. The Tablelands Regional Council is using the application for property and animal inspections.

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