NFC may soon become a part of the auto industry

Harman International nfc technology dock n go

Harman International nfc technology dock n go

Automotive aftermarket could make good use of NFC technology

NFC technology is beginning to make waves in the automotive aftermarket. The technology is often used in marketing and mobile commerce, but has recently become more popular in the auto industry as a feature for vehicles, new or used. Some manufacturers have used NFC as a way to provide drivers with more information concerning a particular vehicle or as an augmentation for the other systems found within a particular car. NFC is capable of providing drivers with a new service, but the use of the technology in the auto industry may be stymied by the lack of standards that are meant to ensure the quality of the technology and its applications.

Lack of standards could put NFC adoption on hold

Standards for using NFC technology exist in the worlds of marketing and finance, but these standards are not present in the auto industry. This is because NFC is still relatively rare in this industry, as many automakers have not yet implemented the technology as a feature in vehicles. Organizations like the NFC Forum exist to establish standards and ensure the quality of NFC applications but have not fashioned such standards for the automotive world due to apparent lack of interest amongst consumers. This may soon change, however, as more automakers begin adopting NFC and showing off what the technology can do.


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Harman International shows off the uses for NFC in vehicles

Harman International, a producer of entertainment technologies for vehicles, recently showed how NFC technology could be used in cars at the Geneva Auto Show last month. The company showed how NFC could be used inside of a vehicle to provide a driver with information covering a variety of different topics. Like a GPS system, NFC could be used to direct drivers to their destination. Such a system could also be used to give these drivers access to what they may find at their destination, such as hotels and restaurants. An NFC system could also be used to change the parameters of the vehicle’s features to suit the needs of a particular driver.

Without standards, confusion may blossom in the aftermarket

NFC technology is beginning to branch out into other industries and Harman International believes that now is the time to make NFC a part of the auto industry. The lack of standards, however, may prove challenging. Confusion may ensue as more manufacturers begin introducing NFC applications to the market, some of which may not be welcomed by consumers.

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