NFC marketing campaign to kick off in Canada this summer

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Campaign to reward consumers with free movies and tickets

Astral Out-of-Home (OOH), a leading out-of-home advertising firm based in Canada, has announced that it will be teaming with Scotiabank for a new NFC marketing campaign. The campaign will be launched in the Toronto area, targeting young adult consumers and movie enthusiasts. NFC technology was chosen for the campaign because of its interactive capabilities. The campaign is expected to launch within the coming weeks and last throughout the summer season.

SCENE posters to be equipped with NFC tags

OOH will develop and distribute over 80 Scotiabank SCENE posters, all of which will be equipped with NFC tags. These posters will be found at transit shelters located near entertainment venues and theaters found in the Toronto area. Consumers will be able to use their NFC enabled mobile devices to gain access to the content linked to the SCENE posters. This content includes a mobile Facebook contest that will provide consumers a chance to win free movie tickets, as well as direction to Scotiabank locations and access to free movies.


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NFC technology is becoming a powerful force in the marketing industry

NFC marketing has become a popular method of reaching out to a new generation of consumers. These consumers have proven themselves to be inseparable from mobile technology, thus making them an ideal target for mobile marketing campaigns. NFC marketing is capable of engaging these consumers in a dynamic way, leaving them with a powerful impression that may encourage future interacting with NFC marketing campaigns.

Consumers to be rewarded for transactions made through Scotiabank

The NFC marketing campaign will run through the duration of the summer. The OOH and Scotiabank believe that the SCENE program will induct a number of new members through the campaign. The SCENE program aims to provide consumers with movie rewards for making transactions using their Scotiabank account. These transactions provide consumers with “SCENE Points,” which can be used to redeem a wide variety of movie rewards.

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