Newegg launches Golden Egg Games campaign to reward customers

Campaign makes use of Microsoft Tags

Newegg, one of the largest online electronics retailers in the U.S., has announced that it has chosen technology developed by Microsoft and L4 Mobile, a developer of mobile applications, to launch the Golden Egg Games campaign. The campaign aims to provide Newegg customers with chances to win various prizes, including discounts and free gadgets or gaming consoles. The campaign will be powered by a variant of QR codes developed by Microsoft, called Microsoft Tags, as well as L4’s Interplay platform.

Tags becoming a popular alternative to QR codes

Microsoft Tags have been growing in popularity recently. Though the Tags are still in the shadow of the much more popular QR codes, companies and advertisers are beginning to see the value of the technology. Microsoft Tags function in the same way as a QR code – they must be scanned with a smart phone to access the digital content they contain – but are aesthetically different. The Tags feature simple designs and colors that are meant to make them more visually appealing than QR codes. Newegg has chosen the Tags because of their ability to engage consumers.


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Interplay platform to allow Newegg to manage campaign in real-time

L4 Mobile’s Interplay platform is a cloud-based management service that will allow Newegg to keep track of its campaign in an efficient manner. Using the platform, the company will be able to make changes to its Golden Egg Games campaign in real-time, and will also be able to make changes to the content linked to their Microsoft Tags. The platform is also equipped to accommodate NFC technology, which is becoming a popular option in the world of mobile marketing.

Microsoft TagConsumers can participate in games once a day to increase their chances of winning

Consumers can participate in the campaign by scanning designated Microsoft Tags with their smart phones. Once the code in scanned, the user must enter simple identifying information. Participants can play Golden Egg Games once a day to increase their chances of winning prizes. Those without smart phones can enter the competition at Newegg’s Golden Egg Games website.

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