New X-ray mobile app allows users to see through clothing

MoosejawXray App

MoosejawXray App
Ever since the X-ray was first discovered, many people – especially adolescent boys – have wished that they could integrate the technology into a pair of glasses that would allow them to see right through clothing.

The new MoosejawXRAY mobile app has now been released and is allowing people to do just that – in its own way.

The Moosejaw outerwear retailer has launched an augmented reality app that is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad devices an enables its users to use its winter catalog in a whole new way. The app is downloaded by the user so that it can be used to see through the clothing being worn by the models in the catalog.

When the app is used, both female and male models have the outer layers of their clothing removed, to show the layers of clothing that they’re wearing beneath . The device must be held over the catalog and positioned over the clothing in order to use augmented reality technology to see what is being worn underneath.

Many people who have been reviewing the various augmented reality apps that have been released over recent weeks and months are calling the MoosejawXRAY one of the most inventive uses of the technology for marketing purposes.

It is being applauded for its cost effectiveness as well as the fact that it is sure to encourage people to talk about it, creating a buzz that will only encourage its popularity. This will lead to more significant consumer engagement with a catalog that has been considered to be relatively unknown until now.

What has yet to be discovered is whether people will actually be driven to make a purchase or if it will be the novelty of the app that will be its main achievement.

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