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TravelTools App

MattsonMaps, a developer of online applications aimed at destination marketing organizations, has announced that they latest program has entered the beta phase of testing. The program, called TravelTools, helps companies manage their online content, such as maps, calendar and newsletters. The company hopes to appeal to the growing mobile marketing crowd by making use of QR codes to go along with their program.

“A majority of travelers use smart phones and mobile devices,” says company president Mark Mattson. “They’re using them to gather information and make decision,” he adds. Smart phones are finding their way into an increasing number of people’s hands. Other mobile technologies, such as the iPad and tablet computers, are also gaining popularity.


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Along with the growth in mobile usage comes the growth in QR usage. More cities around the world are beginning to use QR codes as a way to provide instant service to tourists. This allows for an unprecedented level of interactivity at every step of a visitors stay. Cities have gone so far as to make a QR code network that promotes local businesses.

Mattson believes that a unique way to targeting an emerging market. His company, along with its affiliates, will be working on an educational application that will help his clients understand how QR codes work.

TravelTools is currently in the beta phase of testing and is looking for dedicated testers to participate in the testing.

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