New Taxi QR code payments service in Malaysia benefits drivers and their customers

Taxi QR Code Payments - Taxis

Touch ‘n Go announces new partnerships with EzCab and Public Cab involving QR code payments.

Touch ‘n Go (TNG), the Malaysian-based contactless smart card and electronic payments system company, is helping to bring Taxi QR code payments services to both Taxi drivers and customers in Malaysia. Touch ‘n Go has partnered with two taxi services, EzCab and Public Cab, enabling customers of these companies to pay for their rides via QR codes through the Touch n’ Go eWallet app.

The cashless payment method means taxi drivers will no longer have to worry about having enough change for customers.

Not having enough money to provide customer’s with change, has long been a problem for taxi drivers. Now, with the Taxi QR code payments system, drivers will no longer need to concern themselves with having change. At the same time, passengers do not need to worry about carrying cash. Cashless payments is a convenience from which both parties can equally benefit.

“Making registered taxis in Malaysia QR enabled will modernize taxi drivers and allow them to offer a convenient and safe payment option for commuters,” said Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, reported KLGadgetGuy. “I urge taxi drivers nationwide to adopt this cashless payment channel moving forward.”

An estimated 4,000 taxis have been equipped with the taxi QR code payment system.

This number is reportedly expected to increase to 10,000 taxis by the end of 2018. That being said, Syahrunizam Samsudin, TNG Digital Sdn Bhd CEO, hopes that the company can reach their ultimate goal. This goal is to switch all 67,000 taxis nationwide to the QR code payments system by the end of next year.

Making payments via the quick response code method is a straightforward and simple process. To make a payment, users simply need to enter the Touch n’ Go app, use the scan feature to scan the taxi’s QR code, enter the total fare and toll fee, and enter their secret six digit pin number to complete the transaction.

Users will receive a notification from the transaction. Furthermore, both the driver and customer can track their payment history from the Touch n’ Go app.

Taxi QR Code Payments - TaxisThe taxi QR code payments service is just one way that these codes are being implemented throughout Malaysia. As QR Code Press recently reported, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has also been making a considerable push toward QR code payment services in the country’s market.

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