New study shows that people are acclimating to mobile payments

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Consumer behavior concerning mobile commerce is beginning to shift

MasterCard and PRIME Research have released a new study that highlights consumer behavior when it comes to mobile commerce. The study shows that people are quickly becoming very comfortable with the concept of mobile payments and shopping for products from a mobile device. This is partly due to the growing number of people that have access to smartphones and tablets. This increasing exposure to mobile technology is also causing an increase in the demand for mobile-centric services.

Mobile commerce is moving from an idea to something more actual

The study suggests that mobile payments moved from a lofty concept to actual adoption in 2013. The idea of mobile commerce has been around for some time, but only recently has this idea begun taking physical for, so to speak. Retailers and other businesses are embracing the idea of mobile commerce in order to engage mobile consumers more effectively and this involved providing these consumers with services they can use from their mobile devices.


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People are becoming more confident in the security of their favorite mobile commerce platforms

mobile payments revenuesNotably, consumers are becoming more confident in the security of mobile commerce in general. In the past, many people wondered whether or not mobile commerce was viable because of security problems and the generally problematic nature of early mobile commerce platforms. Now, however, many consumers are wondering if there are actually drawbacks to participating in mobile commerce and most are hard-pressed to figure out what these drawbacks might be.

Confusion regarding mobile commerce is starting to disappear

Consumers are becoming less confused by the idea of mobile commerce as well. In the past, retailers and other organizations had developed platforms that were difficult to use for consumers. This led many people to have a poor opinion of mobile payments in general. Now, however, new and well developed platforms are emerging and these platforms are helping dispel much of the confusion that has come to surround mobile commerce. These platforms are helping consumers become more comfortable with mobile payments because they are straightforward and easy to use.

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