New Set of Best Subject Lines for Cold Emailing

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The Remail team prepares recipes of perfect cold emails and today they talk about subject lines.

The team has created a list of the top subject lines for cold emailing! Their research was based on the own experience and the market studies. Now every email marketer can benefit from the list of samples and hacks for better campaigns.

The subject line is important in every outreach as this is the first thing the person sees when gets the email. So it directly affects the open rates and the effectiveness of the campaign in general. To create your own working phrases you can use some tips like:

  • usage of the simple language;
  • relevant meaning;
  • correct spelling and so on.

Among the best subject lines Remail has found the following ones:

1. “I found you through [reference]” – grabs the attention, provide the real reference, sets the common ground;

2. I’m writing on the [mutual connection] recommendation” – also sets the common ground and build trust to the message and the sender;

3. “We have [insert fact] in common …” – again, the connection, interests, and goals you may have with your target receiver.

This list is not completed and the new working examples are about to be discovered. If you want more tips and examples, visit the Remail blog and read the full article here: .

FYI: is an automation tool for email marketers, sales reps and head hunters. Service helps to get answers from those who they need, with the correctly composed emails and using Remail technology to automate manual sending, so that each email looks 100% personal. Remail is a service for 1-on-1 communications and search for new customers, without superfluous functionality and easy to use.

Best Subject Lines for Cold Emails

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