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Action App Corporation subsidiary, Andiamo Corporation, has unveiled a new service that will make it easier for companies to build feature-rich smartphone apps that can be used for effective mobile marketing.

These apps will include the ability to use SMS text marketing – unlimited at no additional cost –and will add the business icon directly onto the handset of the user in order to drive awareness.

ANDI CEO, Dustin Secor, said that every business that has a site now faces the responsibility of making that information available in a mobile-friendly way, such as with an app. ANDI sees this as a brand new market with the potential to take off.

Secor went on to say that he has always favored campaigns that include text marketing, but that it can be prohibitively costly to maintain. However, with the new app creation service, it’s possible to create apps in a do-it-yourself style and budget, as well as modify them and run a text marketing campaign for an affordable monthly fee.

By doing things this way, additional technical staff aren’t necessary, so costs can stay low and there is a greater chance of return on the marketing investment. Secor believes that as the service’s popularity grows, it will build the company’s income with complementary app development-related recurring revenues.

This new service is accessible through the website, with the URL:

Though the business model may not be proprietary, the company is confident that they will be able to grow this market on a foundation of their solid experience.

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