New sandbox mobile game to launch in China from LEGO and Tencent

Sandbox mobile game - LEGO CUBE - Youtube

The upcoming mobile game to launch in China is called LEGO Cube.

LEGO Cube is a kid-friendly sandbox mobile game that is the first branded mobile game Danish company LEGO is launching in collaboration with Chinese tech giant Tencent Group, in China. Earlier this year, the two companies formed a digital partnership. This game is the first digital gaming experience to come from this partnership.

The focus of the game is imagination and creativity.

LEGO Cube’s platform has been designed to allow players to explore creativity and imagination in a digital world, according to Vice President of LEGO Games at LEGO Group, Sean McEvoy. With this special focus on creativity, players have limitless possibilities to learn and explore in the sandbox mobile game.

Some of the skills that the new mobile game will reportedly help players – both children and adults alike – include construction, 3D design, building and coding.

“LEGO CUBE is a platform that will enable more children and adults to engage with the LEGO brand in China, empowering them to explore their imagination and creativity in a digital world,” McEvoy said, reported Brick Fanatics.

The sandbox mobile game has been made safe for children.

Both LEGO and Tencent have stressed in their announcement of LEGO Cube that the game is safe for children and that the two company’s share a “mutual understanding of digital child safety.”

The game, which will feature player-to-player interaction, will require players to register, will be equipped with parental controls, age verification and will feature an anti-addiction system.

Paul Huang, Senior Vice President of the LEGO Group and General Manager of LEGO China said that in its 86 years of operation, safety has always been a top priority for the LEGO Group, be it for one of their physical products or a digital experience.

“Children are our role models and our most important purpose is to inspire them and help them develop through play,” Huang added. “This means taking our responsibility as a company very seriously, since children’s safety is and always will be our most important concern.”

The new sandbox mobile game LEGO Cube is slated to launch in China by the end of 2018.

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