New report shows the growth of the mobile augmented reality market

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Augmented Reality

Reportlinker, a market research website, has released a new study concerning mobile augmented reality and how it may affect the world of marketing in the future. The report, titles Mobile Augmented Reality Report: Creating New Market Paradigm for Smartphones & Tablets 2011-2016, details the rise of augmented reality technology in the marketing industry and how it has come to change the way consumers communicate with each other and with companies. The data in the report was compiled by Visiongain, an independent research company specializing in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and several other industries.

The report notes that the rampant, widespread popularity of the technology is expected to reach its peak in 2012 and early 2013. When the hype surrounding the technology dies down somewhat in mid-2013, the augmented reality market is expected to continue to grow quickly. The report suggests that this may be due to the large number of small software design companies entering the market and developing their own mobile AR applications.

The continued growth of augmented reality depends heavily on whether consumers continue to show interest in the technology. New smart phones capable of handling augmented reality technology are entering the market and, thus far, consumers have been enthusiastic about the new products. If this enthusiasm lasts, the market will continue to grow quickly and, by 2015, may be valued at billions.

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