New mobile commerce solution coming from IBM and Monitise

IBM Mobile commerce app

Companies expand partnership to introduce new mobile solution for financial services industry

IBM and Monitise have been working together to propagate mobile commerce for some time. The two companies have found varying degrees of success in their initiatives, and are now looking to expand their alliance in order to introduce a new solution. Through the expansion of their partnership, IBM and Monitise aim to introduce a new, cloud-based mobile commerce solution designed for the financial services industry. This solution may help financial service firms better cater to the needs of consumers that are becoming increasingly mobile-centric.

New solution will take advantage of expertise from both IBM and Monitise

The new solution aims to leverage the IBM MobileFirst portfolio and take advantage of Monitise’s extensive experience in mobile payments and banking. The solution will take advantage of a cloud network that will offer a higher degree of security to financial service firms that make use of it. IBM and Monitise will also work together to develop a suite of applications specific to the financial services industry. These applications can be customized an used to meet the mobile commerce needs of specific firms.

Growing smartphone adoption presents new challenges to financial service firms as consumers begin to demand mobile-centric services

IBM Mobile commerce The rapid adoption of smartphones is creating a significant demand for mobile commerce services. These services are not in short supply, but consumers are often unsatisfied with the services that they have access to currently. Financial service firms are working to meet the demand coming from their customers, but have had trouble producing mobile commerce solutions that are considered useful by consumers.

New solution could offer companies a chance to become more relevant among consumers that have become enthralled with mobile technology

Both IBM and Monitise have significant experience in the mobile field that may make them able to help the financial services industry address consumer demand. The new solution being offered by the two companies is being designed to be flexible in nature, able to adapt to the changing trends that emerge in the mobile commerce field and offer its users a chance to evolve within the changing commerce landscape.

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