New mobile app aims to promote mobile commerce among local businesses

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Mobile commerce app launches in Palo Alto, California

A new mobile app has been released in Palo Alto, California, that aims to make it possible for local businesses to better engage mobile consumers. People are beginning to shop on their mobile devices more frequently, and some have taken to shopping online over visiting physical stores. Retailers are having to adapt to this change in consumer behavior by embracing mobile commerce and providing consumers with mobile-centric services that accommodate their needs and interests.

Downtown aims to connect consumers with local retailers

The app is called Downtown, and has attracted more than 35 Palo Alto retailers as partners. The app allows users to shop from a curated list of products being provided by the application’s partners. Consumers will be able to purchase any of the products online using their mobile device and have these products delivered to their home for free or opt to pick up these products at a physical store. The purchasing process is as simple as two taps, once a consumer’s financial information has been verified.


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App allows retailers to update inventory and set prices in real time

Mobile Commerce Apps on smartphoneDowntown partners are able to use the application to update their inventory and set prices as they see fit. The goal of the application is to enable partners to connect with consumers in a more dynamic way. Using the app, consumers can check prices on products that are offered by partners quickly and efficiently. In this way, the app’s developers aim to establish Downtown as a sort of “Amazon for local businesses.”

California is becoming a highly active mobile market

Mobile commerce platforms like Downtown are becoming more popular throughout the U.S. California is currently considered one of the more active mobile markets in the country due to the relatively high affluence among consumers. Services that are designed to connect retailers with mobile consumers are becoming quite popular among businesses because they are feeling the need to accommodate the needs of a changing demographic. Consumers, in general, are becoming more mobile-centric as smartphones and tablets begin playing a bigger role in society.

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